Case Study: Acoustic Cabins

Acoustic Cabins are the UK reseller for the StudioBricks, self-build sound-isolating booths.

These booths are fast and easy to build and can be dismantled and relocated just as easily so provide great flexibility and versatility.

StudioBricks booths are used across a range of sectors and have a variety of uses including as music practice rooms, interview and examination rooms, meeting rooms, telephone cabins and vocal booths.


The original website was built several years ago in WordPress, but it was in need of revamp to reflect the wider scope of products Studiobricks now has to offer. We restructured the website to promote the product to a wider market audience across more sectors. It was also a great opportunity to create a more contemporary website design and to improve the mobile version.

Budget and timescale constraints meant that a complete rebuild of the website was not an option.


Realnet reviewed the entire website with the customer and created a project plan to utilise a large amount of existing content while targeting key objectives:

  • More engaging page layouts, to communicate configuration options and wider sector and application possibilities.
  • Convert visitors into enquiries by providing clear product descriptions and calls to action to book a demo or get a quote.
  • Better layout and immediacy of crucial information on mobile phone views.
  • Clearer navigation and presentation of products and content sections.

The design makes use of great product photography and CAD renderings, how-to videos, case studies and a host of testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust.

Web design, Cambridge

Website Refresh

SEO Cambridge


Ecommerce and online marketplace integration

Ongoing Digital Marketing

Website visitor conversion

Demo & Quote Enquiries


Goal tracking as part of our ongoing digital marketing enables us to measure the success of the website refresh, Acoustic Cabins is receiving a steady stream of valuable enquiries from a wider range of market sectors.

We continue to support the new website with ongoing digital marketing.

Acoustic Cabins website

In March 2024, three months after launch, the GA4 stats have shown the following increases compared to March 2023:


More Enquiries


More Organic Traffic


More Users

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