Cavendish French

Cavendish French Jewellery - a digital marketing client

Cavendish French is an independent business that designs and creates beautiful contemporary jewellery in sterling silver and stone set pieces. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Cavendish French creates bespoke pieces that epitomise craftsmanship, quality and value.

Cavendish French is one of Realnet’s longest-standing clients, with their full ecommerce website now in its [5th] iteration. The ongoing evolution of the Cavendish French website – originally built on our LeanCMS platform – has allowed us to implement data-led updates and upgrades to continuously improve SEO, online sales and brand development.

Cavendish French has a monthly digital marketing and hosting package with Realnet.


The online jewellery e-commerce market is highly competitive, whether businesses focus on B2B or B2C sales. Cavendish French has sales channels in both sectors, and needs to compete with larger, often national or international jewellery retailers for a competitive market share.

In particular, Cavendish French needs to be competitive on SEO, ensuring that they are found for a host of keywords and image searches that draw potential customers into their website.

Once on the website, the challenge is to guide visitors efficiently through the product showcase to a purchase decision and completion.


Realnet has an excellent understanding of the Cavendish French business, having worked with the team for many years. We hold monthly meetings with the team to discuss any upcoming seasonal promotions and make suggestions as to the most effective channels and strategies to roll promotions out for maximum effect.

Our focus is two-fold – firstly to drive new customers to the website through effective SEO and digital marketing strategies, and secondly to ensure that the website is visually appealing with an excellent User Experience to encourage purchase completion.

Key digital marketing activity that helps to drive traffic to the website include:

  • Ensuring that the website offers promotions and seasonal activity throughout the year to engage with new customers as well as a loyal existing customer base.
  • Implementing email campaigns linked to on-site promotions, supplemented with social media and blog activity driving traffic back to key promotion pages.
  • Monthly review of Search Engine rankings for focus keywords, with website content updates implemented to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Monthly review of key website metrics including traffic sources, visit duration, sales funnel analysis, bounce rate, mobile vs desktop visits and more, with the data informing any changes needed for improvement.
  • Continuous updates to content and features on the website, for example we recently implemented a ‘My Favourites’ option that allows visitors to create, store and share their own ‘wishlist’ of products.

We also assist with uploading and updating product meta data when needed, and set up and manage occasional ‘short-burst’ Google Ads campaigns around key periods (for example Black Friday and Christmas).


Our digital marketing approach has led to consistent month-on-on month increases in visitor numbers, with the SEO work ensuring that rankings for focus keywords remain competitive, often achieving top results on the first page of Google.

Once visitors are on the website, the engaging user experience and easy purchase process has contributed to a consistent growth in monthly sales in 2023, with figures to date surpassing equivalent periods in the previous year. Continuous communication around the timing and rollout of promotional campaigns has yielded excellent ROI, helping not only to drive sales but also reinforcing Cavendish French’s reputation as a friendly, approachable and value-laden supplier of high-quality, custom jewellery.

What does Cavendish French say?

“Our website stats for visitor numbers and sales consistently move in the right direction and monthly meetings with the Realnet digital marketeers ensure that we respond to any new developments quickly.”

Anna Haynes – Owner
Great Bookham, Surrey

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