BASF Intelligent Mine

BASF Intelligent Mine - website design

We have been working with IntelliSense for a number of years to help promote their intelligent mine AI software with a website and ongoing optimisation work through a digital marketing campaign.

IntelliSense more recently partnered with the largest chemical manufacturer in the world, BASF. Their software applications help BASF customers make the most efficient use of their chemicals in the very specialist processes involved in the mining industry.

After a recommendation from Intellisense, Realnet were commissioned to create a website to promote the BASF – IntelliSense partnership. The website needed to:

  1. Act as a marketing tool to increase leads and sales
  2. Increase brand awareness, promoting BASF’s involvement in digitalization in the mining industry
  3. Build trust by sharing knowledge & content and providing a visitor centric approach
  4. Tie the partnership with together
  5. Be able to mature and grow easily as business gains traction

The new BASF Intelligent Mine showcases the apps available and follows the BASF brand guidelines to ensure it’s compliant with the rest of the group. The DIVI theme gives flexibility in layout and easy ongoing management.

Realnet worked directly with BASF and Intellisense to produce a bold, attractive, but clean website which promotes the partnership and contains frequent calls to action to help to generate enquiries about the mining software to a niche group of potential customers around the globe.

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