class finder

Class Finder

The Class Finder website was redesigned and rebuilt by Realnet after the founders had had an unsuccessful relationship with a previous web agency.

The new website was launched in December 2010, as a free to join online service. The business model depended on building up visitor numbers to the site quickly, so that the website became a key tool in the market place for fitness clubs, instructors and class goers. Once enough visitors were using the site, elements of the service would be monetised, and a return on investment realised.

It was therefore essential that visitor numbers grew quickly, and upgrades were made to the site regularly to increase usage and develop a loyal audience.

What we did

There were a number of features which we have implemented for the first time to give the website maximum functionality and solve some basic problems that the site would face. Planning and building the whole site from the ground up allowed Realnet to ensure maximum accessibility for all potential stakeholders.

The website allows registered clubs and centres to contact groups of instructors at short notice. It sends out text messages as well as emails to maximise the chances of finding a successful instructor replacement; a venue can choose to send a text message to anyone registered within a selected radius that can teach a particular class.

Attendees can also view classes within a certain radius. These classes can be set up by the venues once they are logged in to their custom area. Each party can review and leave feedback, create profiles and browse all the venues.

The result

In the first year the website took hold of the market and gradually expanded focus from it’s initial launch in Cambridgeshire to develop a nationwide presence. Realnet continue to work with Class Finder every month to keep improving the experience for users, and add new features to bring greater value to the website and the brand.

In 2012 a further new feature was added allowing fitness clubs to have an entire online timetable, with class members signing up to receive bulletins on their particular classes. Through developing a timetable I-framing system we were able to dramatically simplify venues' class management - clubs are now able to use a single point of upload to display classes on their own site, as well as Class Finder.


“We presented Realnet with quite a complicated website concept. They have not only managed to translate our concept into reality but added significant intelligence and expertise to the project that has resulted in a very effective website.

We continue to develop the site in imaginative ways and are grateful for the positive way they respond to our ideas."
Stuart Hay –