breezy backup

Breezy Backup

Breezy Backup approached Realnet to implement a new solution for selling their cloud backup system to companies.

The platform is built on a military grade secure storage system and needed a front-end website to sell and maintain the solution.

There was also a requirement for direct debit payments to be setup online to take the monthly payments for the backup services provided.

What we did

The new website sells the backup service and also allows customers to login and manage their backup service within the website.

The solution handles payments via an integrated direct debit service and also interfaces with the backup servers to provide real time, up-to-the-minute information about the overall platform and individual customer usage.

The site has the following noteworthy features:

  • Interactive quote system (includes email quotes and retrieval of details)

  • Account validation via email (saving the backup service from getting unnecessary requests)

  • Clean invoicing system

  • Low space warnings

  • Full direct debit payment system integration

  • Full integration with backup servers

The result

The new website has seen Breezy Backup move all their existing clients over to the new system and easily manage direct debit payments.

As well as this, the new website attracts new clients directly.

The site has evolved since launch, including a re-skin of the design.


"Realnet took the time to understand a complex requirement including handling the integration with a 3rd party storage system and organising the direct debit payment system setup. I would highly recommend Realnet to anyone looking for a bespoke web application."

Rob Corder - Breezy Backup