Our mission is simple - to improve the performance of your business through online technology

Whether your goal is to increase sales or efficiencies, our team will deliver the most effective solution.

Realnet was established in Cambridge in 1999, by a team of developers focused on utilising the internet to provide innovative answers to everyday business issues. From the beginning, we stood out because of the people who made up our team - not just for our technical expertise, but for our commercial understanding, and desire to help our clients' businesses.

Our reputation developed quickly as a web agency that understands; no flights of web development fancy, but instead a well-thought out and considered approach. For us, web design was all about providing measurable results, by building sites that aligned with our clients' business goals. Rather than just an external agency, we began to be seen as a key partner in companies' strategic plans. Indeed we still work with many of our first clients to this day, having developed their web presence through several iterations.

As we grew over the years, our own business developed new processes and ways of working, that allowed us to become more and more efficient. This meant that we could balance a varied workload of projects, large and not so large, whilst still developing cutting edge technologies. In the rapidly changing world of the web, we have remained agile and responsive; both in our own systems and with our websites.

Throughout the last decade and a half, we were engaged to develop a number of exciting and complex projects - we were there at the beginning of e-commerce, designed and coded class-leading directory and community sites, and built a platform for Africa's biggest and best football site. We also developed leading edge functionality such as the live basket, bespoke brochuring, and complex booking systems. On the non-public side of sites, intranets, integrations, multi-languages, scheduling - too many bespoke solutions to list, but our case study section will give you a better flavour of some of the really techie stuff. And of course, we have changed and grown with the internet, and the possibilities that each technical development can bring.

And here we are today. Our original core ethos still remains: that of employing exceptionally talented people, to produce exceptional results. With many successful projects in our portfolio, and many exciting new ones in development, we continue to provide tangible benefits to the companies we work with. We love a fresh idea, as well as people who are open to fresh ideas. We continue to evolve and innovate, and relish each challenge.

All of our websites require the input of a number of different specialists, working collaboratively to employ their own particular skill sets. You can find out a bit more about them on the team page, as, should you choose to work with us, these are the people you will be speaking to throughout your project. In the meantime, do not hesitate to speak to Realnet today to discover how we can provide your online advantage.

Kari Sewell, Managing Director